Welcome to TRvACC, VATSIM's Turkish Virtual Area Control Center, a place of “Friendly Controllers”.

On this web site you will find information on how to become an Virtual Air Traffic Controller and Virtual Pilot within Turkish vACC, and you will find all the information you will need to control or fly within our airspace. Our purpose is to privde all services you need to make you flight easier, charts – information – frequencies – etc.

You will always find people ready to help you for your flights. Never hesitate to meet us, it will be a pleasure to talk with you both in English and Turkish.

TRvACC is a part of the VATEUD, VATSIM Europe Division, which, together with VATSIM UK and VATSIM Russia, forms the VATSIM Europe Region. All together they are a part of the global VATSIM Network which provides vATC Services over the internet for free to pilots connected to the network using their Flight Simulator.

Welcome to Turkish vACC, and enjoy your stay in Türkiye.


Staff ID
Position Name and Surname E-mail
ACCTR1 Director Necmi Tekin Silistireli
ACCTR2 Deputy Director Nuri Burak Erkal
ACCTR3 Training Director Yiğitcan Kefeli
ACCTR4 Membership Director Alican Cesur
ACCTR5 Events Director Nazif Duru
ACCTR6 Events Assistant Dario Atan
ACCTR7 Technical Director Malte Zwillus
ACCTR8 Technical Assistant Bernd Resing


Enjoy your controlling session in VATSIM Turkiye!


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